Our Team


TW Michigan strives to build the best team of talented engineers, designers, and salesmen within the industry to achieve our customers satisfaction. 

TW Michigan CAD Tables

A Design Team with Experience and Excellence

TW Michigan has engineers with over 25 years of experience in the packaging industry and with a world wide network of over 100 years of experience. 

Our design team utilizes a combination of the latest technologies to accomplish your customized needs

  • Sample Making

    • Prototyping for trial runs​ are quick and efficient 

    • Kongsberg cutting tables

    • S&S Slitter Table 

    • Band Saws

  • ArtiosCAD, AutoCAD , Catia, and SolidWorks,

    • 3D capabilities allow for quick design turn around without physical part

  • Palletizing Software 

    • Precise truck load efficiencies​

Our diverse team allows us to do business comfortably around the world.

Contact us to get one of our experienced designers working on your project! 

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