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About Us

Who We Are

TW Michigan is a joint venture, between Tri-Wall Limited and HG Packaging, devoted to provide world class design solutions, packaging products, and services to industrial manufacturing companies. 

Solution supplier of custom design packaging who has experience in providing packaging for almost every component in the automotive industry and heavy industrial markets. 

Global Reach, Local Service 

TW Michigan carries out our custom designed heavy duty packaging business within the United States.  With our global family of companies, we can assist our clients with any packaging design needs at locations all around the globe.

Service and Excellence  

With a team of industry leading talent who are committed to the organization’s success, we are eager to help with any packaging need. 

  • Always located near our automotive supply base.

  • Packaging engineers and supply facilities world wide to follow your package door to door. 

  • Design and Testing Labs in the U.S., Europe, UK, and Asia for package reliability performance.

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